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HARSEN Laboratories is investing heavily in upgrading its manufacturing and quality control facilities to meet GMP standards and in up grading its human recources so that all staffs may reach their full potential. The company is commited to strengthening its position in the pharmaceutical market by increasing its market share locally and expanding to enter to regional market.


As one of the leading pharmaceutical company In Indonesia, Harsen committed to keep improving the quality of the products. Harsen has stringent SOPs and Guidelines to ensure that the Man, Machine, Materials, Methods and Environment are comply to International standard of quality and safety. From time to time, our GMP facilities are assessed according to PIC/S standard.

As the world is going to the digital era. Harsen is also investing to systemize and digitalize our well documented process.


Harsen has a very large infrastructure to produce many and various forms of preparation/products. Inside of 12.000 sqm production facilities that we have, we produce small volume sterile products such as prefilled syringe, vials, ampoules, Implant, eye drops, ear drops, liquid, syrup / dry syrup, tablets / film coated tablets, hard and soft gelatin capsules. We are also open to doing contact manufacturing in the lines with idle capacity. To communicate further you could contact on businessdevelopment@harsen.co.id

Harsen is the largest manufacturer of injectable dosage forms in Indonesia. Harsen has some brands that are market leaders in Indonesia. Depo progrestin (contraceptive product) is one example of our successful commercialized products, until today Depo Progrestin is still a market leader in Indonesia. Harsen also dominate the market of Corticosteoid & multivitamin injectables in Indonesia.


Through our marketing team, our products could reach 34 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. We expect to keep expanding our business. If you have team and would like to cooperate with us or selling our products,

please send your inquiries to businessdevelopment@harsen.co.id

We are also interested to collaborate with innovative company who has innovative products to market in our territories. The exclusivity of products are getting short and shorter and the world is so big. Why not you focused on mature market like USA, Japan, Europe, China & India. The rest of the world you can trust us to penetrate the market for you without waiting and we are experience in our market.