Established in 1971, Harsen Laboratories now has a complete manufacturing facility after closing the old facility located in South Jakarta in an effort to improve the company's capabilities. Since 1985 Harsen Laboratories has been located at Jalan Raya Bogor km 24.6 East Jakarta with a building area of approximately 30,000 m2 and is capable of producing various types of pharmaceutical preparations. These products include injections, capsules, soft capsules, tablets, coated tablets, liquids/syrups, dry syrups, eye drops and ear drops. All production facilities used are CPOB certified. Harsen Laboratories has a vision and mission as a strategic step for the company.

HARSEN Laboratories is located at the East of Jakarta. With 30.000 m2 land and 16.000 m2 building, Our large GMP facility produce many pharmaceutical preparation such as: Injectable (Vial, Ampoule), capsule, soft capsule, tablet, film coated tablet, syrup & dry syrup, eye drops & ear drops.

Through Continuous Improvement, Harsen Research & Development team keep improving the competencies especially in Drug-delivery technology. We have also a modern Prefilled Syringe facility. We are ready to collaborate with any innovative company that are willing to produce the products in Indonesia and penetrating market in Indonesia.

Even though Harsen keep maintaining our low cost. But Harsen also keep maintaining high compliances according to International standard such as ICH Q10, WHO GMP Guidelines, etc. Our manufacturing site are GMP (PIC/S) and ISO 9001 certified.


We produce tablets in various formulations including Betalactam, Hormones, and Non Betalactam.


Our injection line includes formulations of Hormones and Non Betalactam medications.


We specialize in the production of hormonal implants.

External Medicine

We manufacture external medicine to meet a wide range of medical needs


Our capsule offerings encompass Betalactam and Non Betalactam formulations.


We manufacture a range of syrups to meet diverse medical needs.

Dry Syrups

Our dry syrup formulations cover both Betalactam and Non Betalactam medications.


Our cream products include ointments and gels for external wounds.